The U.S. Escalates Chips War With China
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The U.S. Escalates Chips War With China


APLN member Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan wrote a paper on the intensifying US-China tech war and examines the logic of it. She looks into China‘s efforts in recent years to mitigate the repercussions of US restrictions on tech flows. To read the full version, please download the PDF file on the left, or read the original article on the ORF website.


Global geopolitics is in a state of intense flux. China’s rise has led to greater competition in the international system, with the United States and the post-War global order coming under increasing challenge. China’s high economic growth rate in the past several decades has meant bigger military budgets. In turn, its military rise threatens security in the Indo-Pacific region where China seeks to dominate, from the Himalayas to South China Sea and East China Sea. This paper argues that China’s massive military power, accompanied by its threat or use of force and aggressive actions against its neighbours has heightened insecurity across the Indo-Pacific. Yet, the China challenge is multifaceted and not just in the domain of the military. This paper focuses on the area of technology.

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