About Us


Who we are

The Asia-Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament (APLN) is a network of former- and currently-serving political, diplomatic and military leaders, as well as senior government officials, scholars and opinion leaders across the Asia-Pacific region.

APLN is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.

What we do

APLN aims to inform and energize public opinion, especially high-level policymakers, to take seriously the very real threats posed by nuclear weapons, and work to achieve a world in which they are contained, diminished, and eventually eliminated.

APLN members contribute to nuclear debates through publishing group statements, engaging in direct discussions with regional governments, publishing articles and papers, debating the issues in public and private events. APLN works in concert with comparable leadership networks in Europe and Latin America.

This website features the work of our members and experts to promote well-informed discussion and debate. It also monitors Asia-Pacific nuclear threats and outlines measures to contain and eliminate them.

The Asia-Pacific and Nuclear Weapons 

The Asia–Pacific region impacts every dimension of the global nuclear agenda, with acute tensions, complex dynamics and military risks in Northeast Asia and South Asia, accompanied by the steady growth in the size and sophistication of regional nuclear arsenals, their means of their delivery, and potentially destabilizing defensive systems. With the world’s economic, political and security centres of gravity shifting to this region, its stake in a secure world order – and its responsibility to contribute with ideas, policy proposals and vision – have grown commensurately.