Pandemic-Nuclear-Nexus Project

The Pandemic Nuclear Nexus Scenarios Project was an international collaboration aimed at exploring how the far reaching effects of pandemics could alter the landscape for nuclear risk and disarmament. The project was co-sponsored by the Research Center for Nuclear Weapons Abolition, Nagasaki University (RECNA), the Asia Pacific Leadership Network for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (APLN), and Nautilus Institute, in cooperation with Nagasaki University Planetary Health and the Panel on Peace and Security of Northeast Asia (PSNA). The project's workshops were centered on scenario planning, a non-predictive means of examining a variety of possible futures to identify critical uncertainties and strategic opportunities. These led to the development of four distinct scenarios for the year 2030. These narratives are intended to highlight key questions about dynamics that could shape the “pandemic-nuclear nexus” over the next ten years.

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