Bong-geun JUN

Bong-geun JUN (Senior Research Adviser)

Senior Research Adviser and Professor Emeritus at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy

Dr. Jun Bong-Geun is senior research adviser to APLN, and a professor emeritus at the Department of Security and Unification Studies at the Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security (IFANS) in the Korean National Diplomatic Academy. Dr. Jun has held several governmental and non-governmental positions: Policy Advisor to the Minister of Unification (2003 – 2004), Secretary to the President for international security affairs at the Presidential Office (1993-1997), and professional staffer at KEDO New York headquarters (1997-2001). Jun was also visiting fellow at the Asia Foundation Center for U.S-Korea Policy in Washington, D.C. (2010) and Geneva Center for Security Studies in Geneva (2015). Jun’s research area covers the North Korean nuclear issue, inter-Korean relations, nonproliferation, nuclear security and nuclear energy policies.