[Webinar 3] CTR+ and Public Health in the DPRK
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[Webinar 3] CTR+ and Public Health in the DPRK

On September 28th, APLN hosted the third online webinar of a series reviewing the potential for an effective North Korean Cooperative Threat Reduction plus (CTR+) initiative in the context of a renewed approach to the DPRK.

“CTR+ and Public Health in the DPRK” commenced with opening remarks by Professor Jong-koo Lee, former Director of the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) and current Professor at Seoul National University College of Medicine. Moderated by Angela Kane, former UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs and current NTI Sam Nunn Distinguished Fellow, this webinar featured expert presentations by Professor Shin Yeong-jeon, Hanyang University School of Medicine, on “Northeast Asian Public Health Initiative,” and Professor Park Sang-min, Seoul National University College of Medicine, on “DPRK’s Covid-19 Outbreak Update, and DPRK Public Health Sector Priorities and Resource Requirements.”

The webinar is available for viewing in English and Korean on the APLN Youtube channel or below.

Webinar 3: CTR+ and Public Health in the DPRK (English)

웨비나 3 : 북한의 CTR+ 및 공중 보건 (한국어 통역)