Asia-Pacific Strategic Risks
Asia-Pacific Strategic Risks

Asia-Pacific Strategic Risks

The Asia-Pacific Strategic Risks project convenes government officials, experts, and practitioners from South Korea, Japan, Australia, and the UK to discuss how changing threat perceptions impact new and ongoing proliferation challenges and what policy solutions can address them, including steps to encourage strategic restraint, greater collaboration and carefully honed nuclear risk reduction diplomacy. The project is a collaboration with the European Leadership Network.

Project series: Emerging strategic risks in the Asia-Pacific and the impact on the nuclear non-proliferation regime

FORTHCOMING: Strategic risks in the Asia-Pacific: Examining Australian, British, Japanese, and South Korean perspectives

Project report – Anna Clara Arndt, Maximilian Hoell, Joel Petersson Ivre, Alice Saltini 

The Australian Perspective

– Michael Cohen

The Japanese Perspective

– Nobumasa Akiyama

The South Korean Perspective

– Lee Sang Hyun

The project is funded with a generous grant by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office.