Asia Dialogue on China-US Relations
Asia Dialogue on China-US Relations

Asia Dialogue on China-US Relations

About the project

The APLN Asia Dialogue on China-US Relations brings together senior experts and scholars from China, the United States, and the wider Asia-Pacific region to
discuss China-US relations within a regional context. The project aims to:

  • Plug knowledge gaps and increase the understanding among regional stakeholders of how complex regional dynamics impact China-US relations. Addressing knowledge gaps is necessary because, despite the long-term eastward shift of geopolitical competition, research and dialogue on great power relations continue to be dominated by west-centric perspectives, increasing the risk of false assumptions, narrow analysis, misunderstandings, and poor policy choices and outcomes.
  • Increase awareness of the Asia-centred dynamics that influence China-US bilateral relations, to improve the policy options available to the United States, China, and other states in the Asia-Pacific to help reduce the risk of conflict; and to increase the sense of agency and responsibility among states in Asia on their capacity to shape the region’s security environment via collaborative initiatives that promote stability.
  • Address China-US geopolitical tensions via a third-party, Asia-centred approach, which offers the opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue on issues that are difficult to address in bilateral China-US Track 2 initiatives due to perception gaps and fundamental differences of opinion.

The project is supported by a generous grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York.


The United States: An Increasingly Incidental Provider of Regional Stability in the Asia-Pacific? – Piper Campbell

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The Perception Gap and the China-US Relationship – Tong Zhao

US-Soviet Top-Down Trust-Building: Lessons for the US-China relationship – Yu Tiejun

Track 2 and Track 1.5 US-China Strategic Nuclear Dialogues: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward – David Santoro

Enduring Misperceptions: A Critical View of China-US ‘Decoupling’ – Rukmani Gupta

The Constructive Role of Scholarship in the China-US Relationship – Jian Junbo

Decoupling: a path of no return between China and the United States? – Zha Daojiong