Will Biden "Build Back Better" Relations with the DPRK?
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Will Biden "Build Back Better" Relations with the DPRK?



January 22, 2021
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Will Biden “Build Back Better” Relations with North Korea?                                  
This week with President Biden sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, the APLN explores what the change in US Administration means for addressing the DPRK nuclear problem in a new video analysis. 





APLN Executive Director and Advisor to South Korean President Professor Moon Chung-in, former Director of Los Alamos National Laboratory Professor Siegfried Hecker, and former UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Angela Kane offer their expert insights in a newly published video. 

Drawing on their vast diplomatic and technical expertise each assesses possible approaches to tackling the issue, taking into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic, the North Korean economic crisis and the strengths and weaknesses of past US administrations’ policies.

Special thanks goes to the APLN Junior Research Fellow Elaine Natalie and Research Interns Katie Yoon and Suheun Kim for the production of the video. 






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Network Member Activities

Northeast Asia Nuclear Weapon Free Zone 
On 20 January in an article for Pugwash, APLN Board Member and Professor Tatsujiro Suzuki of Nagasaki University discusses ending the deadlock in denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula North East Asian Nuclear Weapons Free Zone. Dr. Suzuki suggests a phased denuclearization with legally binding verification and negative security assurance measures as one of his main recommendations. 
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Breakthrough Needed in Inter-Korean Relations [Korean]
On 15 January, APLN Vice-Chair, Professor Chung-in Moon argues that despite current challenges between the US and South Korea, inter-Korean relations remains an important priority. While self-reliance has been practiced by most countries during the pandemic, the incoming Biden administration and the DPRK’s stance may pose challenges and also improvements in both alliances. Read more.  

South Korea Caught in the Middle
On 17 January, a South China Morning Post article on middle powers includes Professor Chung-in Moon’s comments on South Korea’s relations with China amidst ongoing discussions about joining the Quad and engaging with North Korea. Read more. 

Precedence to Facilitate Better North Korea-U.S. Relations [Korean]
On 17 January, Prof. Chung-in Moon’s discussion with Dong-Ah Ilbo was published. Prof. Moon argues that the Moon Administration did not fail to sustain relations with the DPRK and outlines three different approaches that the Biden Administration may take, including both possibilities of self-restraint or negotiations. Read more.  





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