The Limited Nuclear War Hidden Behind the Long Peace
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The Limited Nuclear War Hidden Behind the Long Peace



10 June 2022

This week, Robert Jacobs discusses how the Cold War nuclear testing amounted to a hidden nuclear war, and Sadia Tasleem criticises the focus on confidence building measures over nuclear disarmament in the India-Pakistan relationship. We also share some commentaries you might have missed, and activities from our network.

The Limited Nuclear War Hidden Behind the Long Peace

Robert Jacobs challenges the idea that nuclear weapons were never used during the Cold War, arguing that nuclear testing brought enough harm on populations living in the vicinity of test sites that it amounted to a hidden nuclear war.

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CBMs are not enough: Time to talk about disarmament

Sadia Tasleem argues that improving confidence building measures between India and Pakistan is not sufficient to address the challenges faced by the two nuclear armed nations in South Asia, especially in light of recent misfiring incidents. Instead, the two countries need to consider how to work towards nuclear disarmament.

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China’s Dilemma in the Russia-Ukraine War

Fei Su and Jingdong Yuan explain the dilemma that China is facing after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war.

The Need for Diversity of Gender Perspectives on Matters of Security and Peace

Manpreet Sethi writes on the need for greater diversity in gender perspectives on matters of security and peace.

Pakistan’s political turmoil: Diminished strategic relevance

Salman Bashir wrote for Arab News, arguing that domestic issues have negatively affected Pakistan’s strategic position.

“Europe and Asia are not separate theatres”

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung interviewed C Raja Mohan about the broader implications of the war in Ukraine for the Asia-Pacific region.

Weighing South Korea’s options for improving its missile defenses

APLN policy fellow Joel Petersson Ivre wrote in Korea Pro on the options available to the South Korean government for upgrading its missile defense systems.

国際共同研究 ヒロシマの時代

The Japanese version of The Age of Hiroshima (ed. Michael D. Gordin and G. John Ikenberry) is now available, translated by APLN member Kiichi Fujiwara.

Helen Clark on BBC World

Helen Clark appeared on BBC World, commenting on the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. She argued that a radical change is required to support the global effort to fight the pandemic. 



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