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Stop the NPT from Unravelling



22 July 2022

This week, Tanya Ogilvie-White warns about the non-proliferation regime unravelling in the lead-up to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference, Eva Lisowski‘s nuclear-use-case presentation at the Humanitarian Conference in Vienna is available to watch, and we welcome our new senior communications adviser Nathanial Gronewold, and share member activities.

APLN welcomes Nathanial Gronewold as new senior communications adviser. Nate is a veteran international journalist, communications professional, and book author. He has been a resident correspondent at United Nations Headquarters in New York, and most recently Assistant Professor of International Relations and Environmental Studies at a private university in Japan.

We Can and Must Stop the NPT from Unravelling

Political leaders from around the world will soon gather in New York to review the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the bedrock of the world’s nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament architecture. In the latest APLN-Korea Times column, Tanya Ogilvie-White argues that with nuclear dangers growing, states must use the occasion to reduce nuclear risks, keep disarmament alive, and help restore confidence in the multilateral system.

Read the Korea Times Column

2022 Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons

APLN associate fellow Eva Lisowski‘s presentation on “Possible Nuclear Use Cases in Northeast-Asia: Implications for Reducing Nuclear Risk” at the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons (HINW22Vienna) is now available on YouTube.

Watch on YouTube

This is a part of a joint project with the Nautilus Institute, the Research Center for Nuclear Weapon Abolition, Nagasaki University (RECNA), and the Panel on Peace and Security of North East Asia (PSNA).

How the US should respond if North Korea conducts another nuke test

APLN associate fellow Jessica Lee wrote for Responsible Statecraft on the need for Washington to look beyond the nuclear threat to work towards a sustainable peace on the Korean Peninsula.

In Sri Lanka’s Deepening Crisis, Lessons for Divisive Domestic Politics

C Uday Bhaskar, Director of the Society for Policy Studies (SPS), New Delhi, wrote for the Emirates Policy Center on the domestic turmoil in Sri Lankan politics, and the implications for South Asia. 

Kevin Rudd on China’s economy in 2022 — CNN First Move with Julia Chatterley

Kevin Rudd, former Australian Prime Minister, appeared on CNN to comment on China’s staggering economy in 2022.

How much damage have Putin’s threats done to the nuclear non-proliferation regime?

Ramesh Thakur, former UN assistant secretary-general, wrote for The Strategist on the damage done to the nuclear non-proliferation regime by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Why Korea should make the most of multilateralism

Kim Won-soo writes for Korea Times on the advantages of the new South Korean government’s participation in multilateral fora.

Abe Shinzo’s Indo-Pacific Legacy

Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan, Director of the Centre for Security, wrote for ORF, on the influence of Abe Shinzo’s Indo-Pacific strategy, particularly its influence on India-Japan ties.



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