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Senior Associate Fellow, NPT Journal, Member Activities



28 May 2021

Dear Network Members and Colleagues,

We would like to share with you the latest APLN activities including the APLN Spring Edition of The Korean Journal on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Energy; news of our newly appointed Senior Associate Fellow; an exclusive private briefing meeting for APLN members; and member activities.





Special APLN Spring Edition of
The Korean Journal on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Energy

The APLN published the seventh edition of The Korean Journal on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Energy in collaboration with The Korean Nuclear Policy Society (KNPS). This special Spring edition features seven essays by APLN members on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and its relevancy in containing and eliminating nuclear threats in Northeast Asia:

  1. The Relevance of the NPT to Containing and Eliminating Nuclear Threats in North East Asia by Nobuyasu Abe
  2. The Nonproliferation Road Travelled and the Continually Shifting Disarmament Goalposts: The NPT at 50 by Ramesh Thakur
  3. The NPT, East Asia and the Problem of Nuclear Latency by John Tilemann
  4. The NPT and the DPRK Nuclear Program by Bong-geun Jun
  5. Simple Steps for Nuclear Weapon States to Honor Their Disarmament Commitments by Tong Zhao
  6. Reinforcing the NPT at 50: Regional Arrangements and Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones by Angela Woodward
  7. Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Security Ten Years After the Fukushima Disaster by Tatsujiro Suzuki 



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APLN Welcomes Newest Senior Associate Fellow
The APLN warmly welcomes Jessica J. Lee to the APLN team as
Senior Associate Fellow.



Jessica J. Lee is the Senior Associate Fellow in the East Asia Program at the Quincy Institute, and is an expert who has worked on US foreign policy toward the Asia-Pacific region with an emphasis on alliances and North Korea. She has been widely featured on The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Foreign Policy, The National Interest, USA Today, the Washington Times, and The Nation



An Exclusive Briefing with Ambassador Gustavo Zlauvinen
Ahead of the 10th NPT Review Conference
On 10 June, APLN will be hosting a private briefing for APLN members with Ambassador Gustavo Zlauvinen, NPT President-designate, on developments and challenges ahead of the 10th NPT Review Conference currently scheduled for August 2021. Please confirm your attendance with Elaine Natalie at by Friday 4 June. 





NTI Report on “Multilateral Disarmament Verification
and Non-Proliferation”
On 21 May, the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) published a new report written by Corey Hinderstein, Vice President of International Fuel Cycle Strategies at NTI, and Lars Van Dassen, Executive Director of the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS). This report explores NPT disarmament obligations and verification challenges and how non-nuclear weapon states can effectively contribute to nuclear disarmament. 



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Member Activities
Introducing Nuclear Weapons Not Ideal Against North Korea’s Nukes
On 16 May, APLN’s international joint seminar “
Assessing Northeast Asia Nuclear Domino: North Korean Nuclear Threat and South Korean Responses,” was featured in The Korea Times. The article elaborates on the important discussions held on North Korean nuclear capabilities, South Korean response, and the need to strengthen alliances. Read moreA Nuclear War Must Never Be Fought
On 20 May, APLN Board Member and Professor Ramesh Thakur wrote for International Politics and Society on how a No First-Use (NFU) policy of nuclear weapons could bolster US security and augment its global leadership. Professor Thakur outlines the benefits to adopting the NFU and argues that the NFU, backed by appropriate nuclear force posture and deployment patterns, can assist with important decision-making. Read more





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