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3 June 2022

This week, APLN releases a special report on how to build political and financial support for cooperative threat reduction with the DPRK, Fei Su and Jingdong Yuan assess China’s dilemma in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war, we welcome Cheong Wooksik as a new member, and share other activities from our network.

APLN welcomes Mr. Cheong Wooksik as the newest APLN network member. Mr. Cheong is director of Hankyoreh Institute of Peace, and a founding member and director of Peace Network, a South Korean NGO working for peace and disarmament in Northeast Asia and on the Korean Peninsula.

Preparing for Peace: Political and Financing Considerations for Cooperative Threat Reduction Plus with the DPRK

APLN policy fellows Elaine Natalie and Joel Petersson Ivre explain how to finance and build political support for a Cooperative Threat Reduction program with the DPRK, even as the political situation on the Korean Peninsula grows more tense.

Read report (PDF)

China’s Dilemma in the Russia-Ukraine War

Fei Su and Jingdong Yuan (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute) discuss the dilemma that China faces in gauging its response to the Russia-Ukraine war, as it has to weigh support for Russia against the risk of facing sanctions itself.

Read commentary

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese unveils his new cabinet

Tanya Plibersek was appointed Minister for the Environment and Water of the new Australian government.

‘China in mind’: Japan mulls beefing up military as Ukraine war rings alarm

Akira Kawasaki commented in The Guardian on Japan’s potential acquisition of first strike capabilities, arguing that it would be in violation of the Japanese constitution.

Australia in the World: incoming government brief, 2022

On the podcast Australia in the World, Allan Gyngell examines the meaning of the Australian general election and what lies ahead for the new government.

Cambodia Needs Democracy, Not Another Electoral Charade

Kasit Piromya, former Thai foreign minister, wrote in The Diplomat, expressing concern over irregularities and human rights in the lead-up to the Cambodian commune and sangkat elections on 5 June.

Ukraine War and Food Security: How Should ASEAN Respond?

APLN board member Mely Caballero-Anthony, together with Jose Ma. Luis P. Montesclaros, argued that ASEAN should come together and assess what regional mechanisms it can leverage in addressing the threat of food trade protectionism, amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

India and Nuclear Disarmament: A Quest Rooted in National Security Considerations

APLN member Arun Vishwanathan, together with Sameer Patil, published an article in India Quarterly, where they provided a historical overview of India’s advocacy of global nuclear disarmament.

America’s shaky leadership makes for uneasy global order

APLN vice-chair Chung-in Moon published his regular column in Hankyoreh, where he argued that US power has become limited to the point where it is relying more on its allies to carry out difficult tasks.



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