AUKUS, Special Report on NC3 & New Chair
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AUKUS, Special Report on NC3 & New Chair



16 September 2021




Dear Network Members and Colleagues,

This week we feature a commentary on the new AUKUS-deal by APLN Board Member Gareth Evans and a Special Report on nuclear command, control and communication (NC3) by APLN Research Director, Dr Peter Hayes. We welcome our newly appointed Chair, Dr. Marty Natalegawa and our two newest members of the Board, give the latest updates from our first General Members Meeting, and our DPRK Cooperative Threat Reduction plus project.





On 16 September, APLN Board Member Gareth Evans, former Australian Foreign Minister, commented on the newly-announced AUKUS deal, to provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines. He argues that the deal should neither be construed as a significant challenge to the global nuclear nonproliferation regime nor as another Australian over-reaction to China. Read more.





Nuclear Command, Control and Communications (NC3) in Asia Pacific

On 10 September, APLN published a Special Report by APLN Research Director, Dr Peter Hayes. The report is the latest in a series on WMD threats in the Asia-Pacific and highlights the risks and dangers associated with the nuclear command, control, and communications (NC3) systems of six nuclear-armed states in the Asia Pacific.Since the start of the Cold War, serious incidents with the potential to escalate to nuclear war have occurred on average once every three years between nuclear-armed states, and in each case NC3 has been integral to the cause of the crisis, contributing to the risk of possible nuclear use.

Key recommendations include:

  • All nuclear-armed states should urgently commence dialogue on the legal standards and the minimal transparency standards against which NC3 performance can be measured.
  • States could develop and commit to a global NC3 code of conduct similar to the 2002 Hague Code on Missile Proliferation. This can form the basis for a NC3 dialogue in the Asia-Pacific.
  • Given the complexity of NC3 interactions, establishing modern nuclear hotlines should be adopted urgently as a risk reduction measure.
  • Creating a nuclear war crimes tribunal to deter nuclear commanders from manipulating nuclear risks for political or military gain for any reason.
This APLN Special Report was also featured in Breaking Defense on 10 September.



Read the Special Report here



New APLN Chair: Marty Natalegawa







APLN is delighted to welcome Dr. Marty Natalegawa as its new Chair.

Dr. Natalegawa served as Foreign Minister of the Republic of Indonesia between 2009-2014. He began his career with the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in 1986. As Foreign Minister, he oversaw Indonesia’s emergence as a regional power with global responsibilities.

He served as Permanent Representative of Indonesia to the UN in New York (2007-2009), coinciding with Indonesia’s membership of the Security Council and he was also the President of the Security Council in November 2007, as well as Chair of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization.

Dr. Natalegawa takes over the Chairpersonship from the Hon Gareth Evans.





New members of the Board: Angela Woodward and Ton Nu Thi Ninh




The APLN welcomes to new members to its Board of Directors, Ms. Angela Woodward (New Zealand) and Madam Ton Nu Thi Ninh (Vietnam)

Angela Woodward is Deputy Executive Director of the Verification Research, Training and Information Centre (VERTIC). She has worked in the arms control and disarmament field since 1998, specializing in monitoring, verification, and compliance issues.

Ton Nu Thi Ninh has served as a diplomat for more than two decades, specializing in global issues and multilateral institutions. In her capacity as a diplomat, an elected official, and currently an educational and sociocultural ambassador and facilitator, Madam Ninh has consistently worked to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between Viet Nam and the rest of the world.





APLN General Members Meeting




On 9 September, APLN held its first virtual General Members meeting. The meeting, attended by around 40 members, was the largest ever gathering of APLN Members serving as an opportunity for members to review APLN’s progress and past achievements, and to engage in a productive discussion about the future of the organisation.








APLN hosted the first of three online webinars to review the potential for an effective DPRK Cooperative Threat Reduction plus (CTR+) initiative, with support from the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) and sponsored by the Republic of Korea (ROK) Ministry of Unification and the MacArthur Foundation.

The webinar featured special remarks by South Korean Minister of Unification Lee In-Young and Co-Chair of NTI, former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn, as well as presentations by prominent experts including Dr. Siegfried Hecker. The public webinar was followed by a private, closed-door workshop. The webinar was moderated by APLN Vice-Chair Chungin Moon.



Watch the Open Session on YouTube

The second webinar, “CTR+ and Energy Security in the DPRK,” will feature opening remarks by Dr. Peter Hayes, Director of Nautilus Institute, and a presentation by Dr. David Von Hippel on “Linking CTR to Energy Sustainability and Prosperity in the DPRK.”  The session will be moderated by APLN Executive Director Shata Shetty.

For more information about the CTR+ series, please visit our website, and tune in live to the APLN YouTube channel at the following times:




KST: September 24th, and 28th from 8:00 AM

EST: September 23rd, and 27th from 7:00 PM





Book review: The Long Game by Vijay Gokhale
On 1 September, APLN Member Shyam Saran published a review of The Long Game: How the Chinese negotiate with India in Business Standard. Mr. Saran reviews the key takeaways for Indian negotiators with China, and offers his own perspectives from a long and distinguished career in the Indian Foreign Service. Read more (paywall)Seoul Defense Dialogue 2021
On 15 September,  APLN Vice-Chair Chung-in Moon and APLN Board Member Gareth Evans participated in a special conversation titled “Achievements and Prospects of Multilateral Cooperation” to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Seoul Defense Dialogue this year. Watch on YouTube


















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