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April 8, 2021

Dear Network Members and Colleagues,

We would like to share with you a commentary written by Junior Research Fellow Elaine Natalie and Research Intern Katherine Yoon. In “Hibakusha: The Human Cost of Nuclear Weapons,” the authors explore the devastating physical and psychological impacts of nuclear weapons as experienced by the hibakusha, survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings.

Through interviews with two Japanese survivors and particiapants of the 75th Anniversary Nagasaki Nuclear-Pandemic Nexus Scenario Project, the authors elaborate on the experiences of the Japanese hibakusha as they continue to advocate for nuclear weapons abolition and peace.



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India and China’s Nuclear Policies

India established diplomatic relations with China on 1 April 1950, marking 2021 as their 71st anniversary. Over the years, APLN has provided in-depth, authoritative research and analyses for experts and policymakers on India and China. Please find below several policy briefs on the two countries and their nuclear policies.





Network Members’ Activities
Was Trump Right or Wrong on China? 
APLN member and former diplomat Kishore Mahbubani wrote for the March edition of Global Asia on the Biden administration’s China policy. He elaborates on the challenges of US foreign policy on China and states that a long-term strategy is needed to mitigate US-China relations, starting with a “pause” on the trade war to resolve bigger issues at hand. Read moreLegacy of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
On 7 March, APLN board member and Professor Tatsujiro Suzuki wrote for East Asia Forum on Japan’s energy policies as it marked its 10th anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Professor Suzuki highlights challenges ahead for Japan to consider nuclear power. He states that Japan needs constructive debate, greater transparency, and accountability in its nuclear decision-making process. Read moreReaction to North Korea’s Ballistic Missile Launch
On 25 March, APLN member and Dr. Tong Zhao shared his thoughts among others on recent DPRK ballistic missile launches. Dr. Zhao elaborates that the DPRK has motivation to continue developing its strategic deterrence capabilities and will need the support of China and Russia to circumvent international sanctions. Read moreEarly Nuclear Indicators in the US Interim National Security Strategic Guidance
On 5 April, APLN board member and Dr. Manpreet Sethi wrote for the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies on the recently released US Interim National Security Strategic Guidance (INSSG), which explains the Biden administration’s views on priorities, challenges, and opportunities. Dr. Sethi highlights important parts of the document, including US intentions to “renew American non-proliferation leadership” in addressing the Iranian nuclear programme and North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile programmes. Read more

Why India Must Not Say “No” to NATO
On 6 April, APLN member and Director of the Institute of South Asian Studies C. Raja Mohan wrote for the Indian Express on the importance of India engaging with the NATO and Europe. He elaborates that a sustained dialogue between India and NATO would facilitate productive exchanges on geopolitical issues, emerging military technologies, and new military doctrines. Read more



















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