[LAUNCH] Asia-Pacific Women in International Security Database

[LAUNCH] Asia-Pacific Women in International Security Database

View the database here.

APLN, SeoulThe Asia-Pacific Leadership Network has launched a database on Asia-Pacific Women in International Security. The women listed in the database are from or reside in the Asia-Pacific and work on issues related to foreign policy, defence, and peace and security.

We invite journalists to use this resource when seeking women in the field of international security to consult with for upcoming articles, interviews, or other related work.

The database can be filtered by regional expertise, thematic expertise, language skills, and nationality. Examples of thematic expertise represented in the database include geopolitics, maritime security, nuclear issues, international law, and emerging technology.

APLN created this tool to enhance gender diversity and amplify women’s voices in the field of international security, a space where women remain underrepresented – particularly in the Asia-Pacific, the region home to the greatest number of nuclear-armed states and sixty percent of the global population.

APLN will continue adding to this database over time in efforts to create a comprehensive and inclusive list of international security experts in the region. If you would like to be included in the database, please fill out our quick questionnaire.