APLN Weighs In: 2023 G20 Summit

APLN Weighs In: 2023 G20 Summit


APLN Weighs In: 2023 G20 Summit

The 2023 G20 New Delhi Summit saw a number of important developments, including the adoption of the G20 New Delhi Leaders Declaration, President Xi Jinping’s notable absence from the summit, and new avenues for US-India cooperation.

APLN’s senior network has been hard at work providing analysis and commentary on the summit and its aftermath. We’re pleased to share it with you here.

APLN Network Members on the 2023 G20 Summit

C. Raja Mohan argues that Delhi’s current emphasis is on building bridges between developing and developed countries, and that many in the developed world are waking up to the importance of greater cooperation between the North and the South amidst the breakdown of relations between the East and the West.

Eunjung Lim joined Arirang News to discuss the key takeaways from the G20 Summit, President Yoon’s commitments regarding Seoul’s role in building the rules-based international order, and other South Korean diplomatic engagements. 

C. Uday Bhaskar broke down the deliberations behind the G20 Delhi Declaration and says that for India, the challenge is to walk the talk for its domestic population & deliver on the human-centric objectives of the declaration. 

Neelam Deo joined CNBC TV18 to comment on the absence of Russia’s and China’s leaders from the G20 Summit and what it means for a joint statement. 

Kishore Mahbubani joined a panel on India Today alongside Ian Bremmer and Samir Saran to discuss the key takeaways from the G20 Summit, how the Delhi Declaration is being received in Taiwan, and the importance of the African Union’s new G20 membership.  

Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan wrote in The Diplomat on how the G20 Summit expanded the United States’ and India’s growing partnership when it comes to critical and emerging technologies, including in space cooperation. 

Shyam Saran wrote in the Hindustan Times that the G20 summit confirmed that India, not China, will have the first-mover advantage in emerging as the leading voice for the Global South.

In this clip, Fujiwara Kiichi discussed whether the G20 was able to achieve its stated objectives and how President Xi Jinping’s absence affected the summit. The original interview was conducted in Japanese. 

Tong Zhao commented on how anti-West sentiment is rising in China in an article by Reuters. The article discussed how China’s absence from the G20 Summit was a continuation of a worrying trend in which Beijing is cutting itself off from the West and its allies. 

ICYMI: APLN commentary on the 2022 G20 Summit

President Xi Jinping’s absence from this year’s G20 summit raised many eyebrows. Some suggested that the decision not to attend was partially informed by China’s deteriorating relationships with multiple G20 attendees, including the United States. The 2022 G20 Bali Summit generated similar discussions about how such multilateral mechanisms are affected by US-China competition. Read our analysis:

Bali G20: Why Xi and Biden are Unlikely to ‘Walk and Chew Gum Together’

Hemant Adlakha discussed the tension in the US-China relationship ahead of the 2022 G20 Bali Summit and why the two were unlikely to use the forum to make amends. 

The US and China at the G20 Summit: Competition Will Dominate

Jabin T. Jacob wrote about how domestic issues in both the United States and China were holding the two back from building a better relationship. Jacob also proposed that going forward, the US would use the G20 as a means to “keep the democratic flock together.”


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