Pivotal States: Revamping the U.S.-Indonesia Partnership
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Pivotal States: Revamping the U.S.-Indonesia Partnership


A vast archipelago with growing geopolitical importance, massive production in critical minerals, and an economy poised to boom, Indonesia is central to a twenty-first-century U.S. strategy in the Indo-Pacific. But its role in American statecraft is often poorly understood, and Jakarta adamantly pursues an “independent and active” foreign policy. What should the U.S. strategy toward Indonesia be? What trade-offs and challenges will shape the future of U.S. policy toward this Southeast Asian giant?

On 5 September, in an online discussion hosted by the Carnegie Endowment, APLN member Dewi Fortuna Anwar, Professor at the Research Centre for Politics-National Research and Innovation Agency, explored the role of Indonesia and its “independent and active” foreign policy in American statecraft.

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