Nuclear Weapons: Arms Control Efforts Needs China
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Nuclear Weapons: Arms Control Efforts Needs China


With the 75th anniversary of atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki having just passed, Akiyama discusses the critical juncture at which nuclear arms control is currently placed. Precarious geopolitical circumstances with the rise of China further challenge established nuclear frameworks. Negotiations have stalled over the replacement for New START as the U.S. hopes to bring in China and expand the scope of weapons covered, while Russia remains adamant about maintaining only the original remit. Additional obstacles emerge as three rival powers struggle to find sustainable ways to accommodate varying strategic interests. Akiyama suggests that the three powers should discuss ways to cooperate to implement transparent measures to build trust amongst each other. On a final note, he highlights the importance of participation in discussions regarding nuclear arms control by East Asian countries, such as South Korea and Japan, as they are caught in between the U.S. and China. Read more.

“In the 75 years since the nuclear cataclysm at the end of the Second World War, scientists have been central to deterrence, detection and verification, capitalizing on global collaborations to build trust, technology and treaties. Researchers’ skills and commitment are needed now more than ever.

Nuclear-arms control is at a crucial juncture. On a positive note, world leaders are increasingly vocal about abolishing these abhorrent weapons. Sadly, current geopolitics means that situation is a long way off.”


Image: Kyodo News/Getty.