Moon Chung-in's Future Scenario
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Moon Chung-in's Future Scenario

On 8 March, APLN Vice-Chair and Professor Moon Chung-in published a new book titled, Moon Chung-in’s Future Scenario: Covid-19, U.S.-China New Cold War and South Korea’s Options.

The unprecedented coronavirus and the US-China confrontation that has worsened since the inauguration of the Biden administration are threatening the world order. How will our future change in the post-COVID-19 era? Moon Chung-in, the chairman of the Sejong Institute, a think tank in the field of diplomacy, security, and unification, an emeritus professor at Yonsei University, and a special advisor to the unification diplomacy and security of the former president of ROK, is attracting many people’s attention for his lecture on the analysis of the concept of global order and security in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis and the US-China New Cold War. A comprehensive analysis and summary of the path that Korea should choose in this uncertain world order is included in Moon’s new book.

The book is available in Korean here.


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