Pandemic Futures and Nuclear Weapon Risks
Video Analysis

Pandemic Futures and Nuclear Weapon Risks

APLN, RECNA-Nagasaki University, and the Nautilus Institute collaborated together to conduct the Nagasaki 75th Anniversary ‘Pandemic-Nuclear-Nexus Scenarios’ project from October to November, 2020.

Four workshops with nearly 50 individuals cross-trained in multiple disciplines, from diverse backgrounds, ages, and nationalities all convened together from across the Asia-Pacific and North America in order to develop and envision new scenarios for the future. Their task: to address the question of, “How can global pandemics drive Northeast Asian governments, civil societies, and market actors to be more driven in reducing nuclear risk; and what opportunities have emerged to revive discourse on nuclear disarmament?”

In the video below, six workshop participants offer their views on pandemic futures, as well as why a project such as this is still very much necessary today.


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