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DPRK Nuclear Program Database

  • Nov 4, 2020

DPRK Nuclear Program Database

The APLN research team is in the process of creating a DPRK Nuclear Program Database consisting of a comprehensive and structured list of areas relevant to North Korea’s nuclear program:


I. History
II. Technical Capabilities
III. Nuclear Testing
IV. Intentions and Motive Analysis
V. Impacts Analysis
VI. How to Deal with North Korea
VII. Current Sanctions Regime
VIII. What Would a Deal with North Korea Look Like?
IX. Inter-Korean Relations
X. Compilation of Sources


The Database will be launched in the coming weeks with further details to follow. Once live, APLN’s research team will continue to build and expand on the analysis and technical details with regular updates relating to new developments.

Project Staff 

For further details on the DPRK Database Project, please contact one of the project staff:


Deputy Director, Dr Eun-ha Kwon

Junior Research Fellow, Elaine Natalie

Research Intern, Katie Yoon 

Research Intern, Suheun Kim