KAIST-NEREC Summer Fellows Hosted by the APLN

  • Aug 12, 2020

On August 12th, 2020, the APLN invited 14 fellows from the KAIST-NEREC Summer Fellows Program to participate in a talk with the APLN Vice-Chair and Executive Director Chung-in Moon. As an extension to Moon’s keynote speech at the 2020 Online International Conference on Nuclear Nonproliferation, “The Bolton Memoir and the North Korean Nuclear Quagmire,” he provided the fellows with greater insight on a range of issues about foreign affairs and national security.


While answering questions raised by the fellows centered around North Korean denuclearization, Moon underscored the need to shift away from a transactional mindset and move towards realism. Criticizing Washington’s DPRK strategy, he further emphasized the importance of intersubjective understanding in multi-party talks and policymaking as opposed to holding onto egotistic interpretations of North Korean motives. Other important topics that were discussed include COVID-19’s effect on international relations, the North Korean trade-off between human rights and peace, and China’s lack of Wang Dao approach to diplomatic matters. 


The KAIST-NEREC Summer Fellows Program is a workshop that aims to foster international leaders in the field of nuclear nonproliferation. Undergraduate and graduate students from diverse majors and eminent universities participated in a six-week-long series of lectures, seminars, and other research activities, supported by the APLN and other organizations.