Yong-Sup HAN Professor of Defense Policy and Arms Control at Korea National Defense University Yong-Sup Han was a President of Korea Nuclear Policy Society and Vice President of KNDU.
  • Yong-Sup HAN is currently Professor of Korea National Defense University. President of Korea Nuclear Policy Society (2012-15), Vice President of KNDU (2010-12), President of Korea Peace Research Association (2007-10), Executive Director of Research Institute for National Security Affairs (2005-08), Special Assistant to the Korean Minister of Defense (1993) and Senior Staff Member to the South-North Joint Nuclear Control Commission (1991-92). He received his Masters on Public Policy at Harvard University in 1987 and his Ph. D. on Security Policy of RAND Graduate School (1991). His publications include Theories of Defense Policy (2012), Peace and Arms Control on the Korean Peninsula (2005), Sunshine in Korea (2002), Nuclear Disarmament and Nonproliferation in Northeast Asia (1995).